Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Engagement Session - What to Wear

You scheduled your Engagement session and now you have no clue what either of you two should wear! Should we wear matching outfits? Should I style my hair like this? Should I wear these shoes? It's too cold out- should I wear a coat?

Here are some suggestions on what to wear for your Engagement Session:

Wear something your definitely comfortable in. If you’re not comfortable it will show in your photos. 3 outfit changes are welcomed. They give variety to the photos. Plus they set a theme or mood to the photo.

Wear something you love! Don't wear something a few months from now you wish you hadn't.

I do try different angles so if you wear something that if you bend down, or look that way, or turn to the side something shows that you don't want to show, it's best not to wear it.

Wear clothes that compliment you in color and style. Don't be too matchy-matchy. If you both want to wear grey, make it different shades of grey. Then wear something that pops- like those fabulous pair of red shoes.

If you want to wear a dress with a pattern on it - it would be a good for fiancé not to wear another pattern that is bold or that will clash against you. Vice-versa. However it's much flattering if you both wear solid-color clothing. We will be looking at a lot of places with texture and color.

Wear clothes that are the same level of dressiness. Don't dress up and have your fiancé wear everyday clothes like: jeans, sneakers, and a t-shirt.

Think about layering clothing. For example: some dark jeans, with a nice top and a cardigan.

Dress an upscale from casual. But still be you!

Darker colors are very flattering and easy to photographer. However if you have something in white, don't be afraid to bring it anyway.

Wear shoes you love! Wear comfortable shoes.

Leave your purse behind. My assistant may be able to carry a few necessities for you like car keys, cell phone, etc.

If you bring your dog with you, make sure a friend comes along to watch him/her while we take other shots.

We will go back to the car/or a public restroom for clothing changes.

Key thing to keep in mind:
Have fun! Think of it has a fun date with your fiancé.

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