Monday, March 15, 2010

Freebie! Ballerina Invitation

This is part two from the {TUTU obsession} post.

Here's a Freebie! Just a flat card ... but still very chic :)

You can print them just like you would a photo. If you'd like to use it, just send me a message with the information you want on it and what size.

Some clients pay for just my designs and get them printed at {} for free--they do lots of promo stuff like that. (CVS is not a professional printing company) However, if you'd like for me to print them out using my resources, send me a message so we can discuss the details!

Don't forget to come back and comment if you use :)

  • In the Works- Child Birthday Invitation Series
  • Next - Graduation Party Invitation Series. We haven't forgotten about you seniors!

    1. Okay, awesome! And if you start doing more children's invitations, I'd be interested...i usually get the girls' invitations from I was thinking about doing a "Hello Kitty" theme for Ally's next birthday, but haven't found any ones I like.

    2. @Tahnee- I can design with Hello Kitty colors and shapes but I can't use the actual kitty and sell it as a J Lori Design, since I didn't create the kitty. But I'll sure whip something up and add it to a series. Thanks for the idea! =D

    3. I love this invitation...I would like a copy of this, if possible. Could you email it to me at