Saturday, April 17, 2010

Celebrating our 2nd Anniversary!

J Lori Photography is celebrating its 2nd anniversary! (can you believe it?! WOW)

I remember very clearly going out into a field I spotted with my little Sony camera to have my first shoot ever with Amanda for a fashion promo. How nervous I was. Now, after looking at the previews from our latest session, I'm proud on how much "J Lori" has grown.

I LOVE my clients! I appreciate the families (AND BRIDE!) that knew they were my "first" family, wedding and just trusted my artistic talent. Thanks, that meant SOO much. To future clients, I haven't met you yet but I'm sure excited about it. ;)

I know we aren't perfect, and we don't try to pretend like we are. That mentality will only stop us from advancing.

We are always "on the watch"/learning/"up to date" with the latest techniques for lifestyle photography and reading the latest design books for inspiration. This helps us achieve our modern we're not stuck in the "that-was-so-5-years ago." ;)

Here are my favorites from past sessions and weddings for April 2008 - April 2010

::To celebrate we're having a Giveaway! One free custom session to a lucky winner in the RGV area or Tulsa, OK::

This free lifestyle session can be a Portrait custom session, Family custom session, Newborn/Maternity custom session, or a Senior Portrait Session.

Includes a one-two hour session and one 8x10 textured professional portrait of your choice($200 Value).

How do you win? All you have to do is comment on {this post} the nicest thing you've done for someone OR your favorite hobby.

-----------------------Giveaway Contest has been extended!!--------------------------

Comment(s) must be posted here by 11:59 p.m. EDT on TUESDAY, April 20th. The winner will be chosen by, and the winner will be contacted within 24 hours of April 19th to book their free custom session with us.

Good luck everyone!


  1. I love giveaways!! ;) My favorite hobby at the moment is any and everything makeup...whether it's reading blogs, watching tutorials, makeup shopping or practicing. It's just something I like to do when I have some spare time.

    Happy Anniversary! :D

  2. Well...I would have to leave the "nicest" things I've ever done a mystery (since they're all rather personal) BUT, you know me and my hobbies, they're basically my LIFE! Music performance, film-making, and of course the common interest that we share in photography. I suppose there are a few side-note hobbies too though: jumping out from behind bushes and scaring the elderly at parks, sneaking into the kitchens of upscale restaurants and putting ketchup on literally everything and...baton twirling.

  3. I don't really know the nicest thing I've done for someone! Is saving money a hobby? Because currently I'm a bit obsessed with money saving scenarios (in my head or real life lol). Budgeting is a hobby to me too. I'm a nerd, I know lol! Maybe once the kids are older I'll get back to music...someday...

    Love the the past pics!!

  4. Golly gee! Our Lori has extreme talent! Looking at your pictures inspires me to fix my old camera! And I shall! ::) alien smiley face.

    The nicest thing I have ever done for someone would possibly be...not snitch on my brother when he did something bad. First thing that came to my head.
    My favorite hobby is to read!

  5. nicest thing i've done is prepare my little sister fo her 1st baby to arrive next month i'm so excited to be the best aunt and support for her. my favorite hobby just exploring and being creative

  6. I would have to say the nicest thing I've done for someone is buy a homeless man lunch form Jack In the Box. It made him cry which made me cry which made everyone in the car cry.

  7. Well, I love music, art and drama, although music is the only hobby I really give much time to right now. Although, I do occasionally make some kind of artwork as gifts to my family. I love doing that!

  8. the nicest thing I've done is that I help people when they need help and I had taken people under my roof and share what I have.

  9. The Most nicest thing I have ever done for somebody was give a man food, he didnt have any food and I felt bad for him so me and my parents made some sandwiches for him and gave them to him. My hobbies are to sing,collect keychains, collect playing cards, and read.