Wednesday, April 14, 2010

First time to Virginia!

My sister and brother-in-law invited me to a trip to Virginia Beach. Of course I couldn't say no to that. Plus {Jason Upton} was going to be in Williamsburg, VA!! So we headed out to a place I've never been to. :) Then when I heard we were going to stop at Jamestown I was even more excited!! I've always wanted to visit the village since the 5th grade!! It was so lovely. We didn't have much time to really look around but just being there was an experience in itself.

I encourage everyone to visit Jamestown or {Williamsburg, VA}. It's such a beautiful place. GREAT for family vacations and couples that want a getaway. I'll be going back for sure!!

The first site we visited: Jamestown Island

Then off to the village

The first governor's house called the "Governor's Palace". All of these houses and building are the real deal. No "models" of how it would look like. Just some touch-up remodeling to keep the buildings from falling apart.

A little juxtaposition for you. (excuse the blur :(...) hehe.

Then off to Virginia Beach. I'm not going to post many photos since I was staying at a private residence. But they did have the most beautiful tulips (my fav) that when the sun hit them...they looked like mini laps. Just beautiful.

Visit back on Friday for a very exciting post of J Lori Photography's 2nd Anniversary!! Plus a surprise!!

::Photographer's Note:: (if you're not a photographer then you can skip this part)
Minimal editing was done to the photos. When it comes to taking shots of new places I like to keep it the way you would see it if you were to visit the place. No colors were forced or any saturating to put colors that aren't naturally there.

Have a good night!


  1. Oh those houses are gorgeous!! I think Johnny would love it there! (I would too)

  2. Wow these are great pictures, I've all ways wanted to go to Jamestown.. so much history! I like how the flowers look like they have a light bulb in them heheh :)