Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Tiffani Ortega | RGV Sweet Sixteen

Tiffani, her parents, friends and family celebrated her sixteen birthday Saturday, May 22nd in Harlingen, Texas. It was a true joy working with Tiffani, and her parents as well, as they were always kind and fun. Being around such a close-knit family was so wonderful to capture. I laughed more than I ever have at a sweet sixteen, and I had the privilege of photographing several events.

The event started at City On a Hill with many giddy people walking around waiting for Tiffani to come out in her beautiful dress. Once she entered the building the emotional moments started'll see. This is probably the longest blog post with the most photos I ever done. I couldn't help it! There were too many precious moments I just HAD TO share with you.

At a Sweet Sixteen or Quinceanera, after the service they do not call it a "reception", they call it a dinner and dance. So I decided to skip the dinner and get right to the dancing. (It's also my favorite time of any event) I'm warning you, you might get teary eyed, laugh and say "Awwwww", all in the next few minutes.

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A post about City On a Hill's CITY CHICKS exclusive dinner =D


  1. awwwwww!!!!!! i almost cried again! you are hired for my daughter's sweet 16! we love you tiff and jlori photography!!!


  2. What a great job Lori...great pictures.