Thursday, July 22, 2010

Priscilla's Sneak Peeks | RGV Portrait Photographer

I really enjoyed hanging out with Priscilla and I had such a fantastic time working with Glori, a fashion designer (who also did Priscilla's hair and makeup). I think next to newborn sessions, a portrait session with a good friend is what I LOVE about my job. We had so much fun during the shoot that I literally was jumping up and down with excitement at all the great ideas we came up with. Priscilla has a killer sense of style and has such an outgoing personality to match with it. I know both Priscilla and Glori have been dying to see some more sneak peeks so here's to y'all! Enjoy!

I might ask to borrow this dress - hey that's what long time friends are for. ;)

No, she doesn't dye her hair and yes, part of this outfit was made on the spot as we went. Can you guess what?

L-O-V-E this shot :)

"One for the mom's" I said. =D

and here are the sneak peeks I posted on Facebook

Don't forget to leave some comments for Priscilla and Gloriana!! I'm sure they will appreciate them.

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  1. Absolutely GORGEOUS!! we went from cute, to fashion magazine; from classy, to très chic. All in a blink of an eye! -Gloriana Tc