Sunday, August 15, 2010

Splash! | RGV Child Photographer

My sister and precious niece came to visit us deep in the heart of Texas, hehe. I was so excited to see them but more suprised to see how much my niece has grown! She's going to be 15 months next wednesday!! Time flies.

Naomi, my niece is such a water girl. LOVES to splash, kick, sip, and play in the water. On a warm sunday afternoon we took her out on the back yard and brought out the mini pool (I'm sure you have one too ;). I decided to bring my camera because I don’t do a great job recording my niece when I’m busy (and I’m BUSY!), so it was time. She had a blast and I had SO much fun laughing with her in between snaps.

I know the grandparents and aunties will thank me for these ;)

then she got wet...hehe

A little shy at first...

but then, she quickly got into making bubbles with her mouth and trying to "catch" the water.

The many faces she makes; curious, playful, sneaky and...

the "I'm so excited I can scream and laugh at the same time" face!!

I hope y'all are having a good summer as it is soon coming to an end. Enjoy these last few days by taking the kiddos out to the park, pool or their favorite spot! If you want to book your kid a sweet summer session with us fill out {THIS FORM} or click the contact link on top.

::Come back soon--more posts about some very EXCITED changes!!::


  1. Love these!! :) Thanks Lori.


  2. Those are some adorable pics! I love her sneaky face! hehe. Good job, Lori!