Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry Christmas

The smell of my house during Christmas. Tex-Mex food. Hugging and giving my Daddy a kiss on the cheek every night. My niece's first Christmas with the Charles' this year. Laughing with my cousins till we tear. Seeing my friends and singing their names when we reunite -- "Naaasuuun!". Listening to Bing Crosby serenaded us with Christmas music, as we feel like Martha Stewart wrapping presents. Remembering the reason why we gather near the ones who are dear to us.

It's so good to be home for Christmas. I have to admit that secretly I thought I wasn't going to make it home for Christmas. My first job was very corporate (dull too) and only gave employees Christmas Day off. I was downhearted. But!-- I never gave up. The job that I have now (each day is different), however, gives their employees two weeks off for the Holidays. :) Two weeks to relax, celebrate and enjoy my family.

It's Christmas. And I want to make sure I'm enjoying every minute. I want to thank YOU. You, who comes to this blog and shares your life, time, space with me. I am enriched because of your stories, your friendship and your support. From the bottom of my heart...


  1. We are so happy you are home!Even if it is only for two weeks. We missed you!

  2. Have a wonderful Merry Christmas Lori! I pray blessings beyond your imagination and a very prosperous New Year! Say hello to the family and hope to see you soon. Blessings!