Sunday, August 21, 2011

I'm Engaged! | Personal

I came to Erwin, North Carolina to visit and spend time with my family at [Liz] & Greg + Naomi's house. Little did I know I was going to get engaged. -----Engaged!!----- It was the most amazing moment in my life. I---- well I would share all the details but I decided that since we live out of Texas, where we will be having the wedding, I'll create a [wedding blog].

A blog about what? A blog about Nathan and I's wedding process. As well as other helpful information regarding hotels, gift registries and itineraries. Like a wedding website but it's a little more personal (and fun!) :) I think it would be nice to have those who can't actually be with us to still be a part of the whole wedding planning.

Here's the link to the blog: . Now I warn you. We just created it so there isn't much but it's a start :) When I come back to Tulsa I'll let you in all the details ;)

I hope you become a reader and follow our wonderful journey. I would love to share this happy time of my life with y'all.

Here we are, blissfull, at Kure Beach celebrating my birthday. :) Thanks Liz for taking these photos of us :)

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  1. I love your hair in this pic,it looks very romantic and sweet looking; just like this picture! This looks like a very genuine moment caught on camera! :)