Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Jill + Matthew | Tulsa Engagement Photographer

Jill and Matthew met in college. They became friends then dated and will be exchanging vows late spring on a beach. Jill is full of smiles and Matthew brought props (hand clap for him!). I was thrilled the rain held off for their engagement session the Sunday before last. Tulsa is having crazy weather, so we had overcast skies to bright sunset light. All the more better....it made for different moods for each set of images. Enjoy!
I've been wanting to do a "date at the cafe" setting for longest time and these two were perfect! So easy and natural to capture.
Here are my favorites of the session. This moment only lasted about 3 minutes but have so much intimacy in them. Love!
And lastly on Jill and Matthew on the Midland Valley Trail & River Park Pedestrian Bridge.
A many thanks to Rachalle for the referral! You gave your friend Jill one of the best gifts ever, if I do say so myself. ;) 
Best wishes to Jill and Matthew. It was a pleasure. 

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