Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Laura & Jake | Tulsa Engagement Photographer

Laura and our family, well, we go way back. She came with a group to go on a mission trip down in Mexico. She came with a heart full of love and welcoming. She'll make a stranger feel like you're her friend. I'm glad she met a tall, caring, strong man to hold her hand. The second I heard they were engaged, I told Nathan, "I wanna do their engagement portraits!". And I'm so very happy that I did.

Sweet friend, your wedding day will be a day of great rejoicing. Long-awaited, much-anticipated and like a giant hand-made gift tied up with strings - a celebration and a party!
Laura and everyone who knows her knows that she loves captured memories. So we split this engagement shoot into two days. Because all we wanted to focus on was good light, and the fact that she is going to have these for the rest of her life. ;) How can I argue with that? ;D
^ ^ ^ This photo right here came straight outta the camera. I just about died. 
For those of you who were wonderin' if I take any look-at-the-camera-and-smile pictures. I do. ^^
Laura and Jake, it's been a pleasure and fun recording this happy time in your life.
To everyone else reading this, I'm happy that you are here. 
Till then my friends, 

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  1. Wow Lori! You are amazing! You captured the beauty of the moment so perfectly! I LOVE these and I am so happy for Laura and Jake!