Meet Lori

Hi! Thanks for visiting my page.
Hi! Thanks for visiting my page.

I'm Lori. A Texan living in Oklahoma. I've been married to my best friend for three years and we live our own 'happily ever after'. I love to try all kinds of food. Especially asian cuisine. I can have that every day. My current likes - or things I enjoy doing, are chai lattes, reading my bible, memory keeping, planning and nail polish. I buy a shade every time I go to Target. No kid. 

In 2006, I studied graphic design but I found photography more gratifying. After I graduated from college in April 2008, I became a portrait photographer. Photography for me is more than "Look at you when you were two." It's more about, "This was YOU when you were two". It's about capturing the trueness of people. To capture that in an instant, thrills me.
Sessions with me are like an hour with a good friend. We mold everything around my style (relaxed, fresh, sometimes classy) and your personality. I love clients that take risks, think a little out of the box, and ask for help with sessions (what to wear, locations, etc). That’s what I’m here for.

If you’re interested -- just send me an e-mail at Or drop me a comment and show some love.